Advisory & Coaching

Advisory, Coaching & Executive Presence


Coaching by Weiss & Cie. aims to unleash the full potential of executives and their work teams within an organization. Thus helping to establish an increased and sustainable level of cooperation and performance. Besides crisis management and moderation, Weiss & Cie. provides a learnable approach that enables the executive and his team to implement coaching as part of their organizational routine. This allows to identify critical situations at an early stage and to proactively manage them before they become an obstacle, which could result in a lack of performance and loss of turnover.

Single- and Team-Coachings by Weiss & Cie.:
  • Stabilize the performance of your organization, your leadership and work teams.
  • Establish a shared understanding of each person’s and the team’s purpose and their role within the organization.
  • Identify and address potential spots of weakness or friction within the organization, before they have a negative effect on the operational performance.
  • Enable leadership and work teams to establish their own supervision routine .

In doing so, Weiss & Cie. does not leave the organizational learnings on a "esoteric" or abstract level. In contrary we support their application to actual challenges in the corporate world – whether that would be questions of owner succession, leadership, change management or strategic realignment of single departments or the entire enterprise.


Weiss & Cie. takes a holistic and implementation oriented consulting approach. The consultants combine their extensive industry and functional expertise, analytical rigor and best practices to develop a suitable and viable solution. Weiss & Cie. develops realistic and practical recommendations considering a realistic timeframe and scope of resources and action of the client organization.

Weiss & Cie. supports enterprises on the one hand in adapting to external disruptions like demand or supply side changes in the market or technological leaps. On the other hand Weiss & Cie. enables its clients to meet internal challenges like leadership changes and succession as well as the end of product lifecycles and reinvention.

Weiss & Cie. centers of competence focus firstly on the market side realizing strategic growth opportunities and enhancing sales organizations and secondly on optimizing organizational structures.

Weiss & Cie. offers a comprehensive service offering beyond the usual consulting approach. This is reflected in the fee structure, which offers risk and profit sharing remuneration models. Weiss & Cie. is also ready to take on responsibility for implementation as interims managers. We provide extensive expertise in change management including dedicated implementation competences.

During rigid transformational processes leadership is urgently needed, while the search for suitable board and management members may take some time. To cope with this challenge Weiss & Cie. provides interims managers with excellent execution skills who guarantee for excellent implementation and seamless transfer of know how to their clients’ organization.

Executive Presence

Besides the classical coaching services Weiss & Cie. also offers professional media training for your perfect presentation in public. This applies to situations of negotiations, presentations, speeches, internal or external stage performances, interviews, or appearances in TV. Weiss & Cie. will help you to transport the excellent content that you are going to communicate with maximum self-confidence and authenticity, using the techniques of professional actors and media experts. The Weiss & Cie. media coaching is based on your unique strengths, which leaves you to determine how you want to appear in public. We will eliminate insecurities and constraints and let you shine on stage by unleashing your charm, authenticity and professionalism. Media coaching by Weiss & Cie. provides you with a set of tools, including your voice, your physical appearance and your gesture and facial expression that will be available at any occasion and will help you to convince and over win your audience.