Weiss & Cie. advised Berliner Volksbank acquiring the new headquarter


Weiss & Cie. advised Berliner Volksbank’s purchase of their new office building

  • Technical and economic consultation were provided by Weiss & Cie. Real Estate
  • Berliner Volksbank obtained turnkey building from a corporation of the SSN Group AG
  • The new office building will be completed by 2019 as a part of the „Quartier Bundesallee“

Berliner Volksbank moves their offices to the new turnkey building by the end of 2019, situated in the district Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, on the corner of Bundesallee/Nachodstraße. Weiss & Cie. was responsible for bayside advise to Berliner Volksbank on the technical and economical aspects of the transactions.

Managing Partner Ingo Weiss explains: „The structures of this new office building are in line with modern concepts of space utilisation and promote innovation, increased efficiency and flexible ways of working. In addition, ecological sustainability and digitisation were at the forefront throughout the process to ensure the office meets the firm’s long term strategy.“
Current aims include a LEED certificate in Gold in order to optimise energy efficency and minimise resource requirements. The construction work has already begun and is expected to be completed by Q4 of 2019. The building will be part of the „Quartier Bundesallee“.

About the Company Weiss & Cie. is an independent Real Estate and Management Advisory Group which aims to consult clients and their organizations in times of growth and change. Based in Berlin, Weiss & Cie. offers comprehensive expertise and longstanding experience in the transaction- and project developement industry. The company enables clients to aquire custom-made properties through a holistic consulting approach, thus allowing them to maximise their potential. The company provides a unique service offering, based on in-depth industry know-how, as well as understanding and knowledge of organizational leadership and development. At the forefront of Weiss & Cie’s consulting approach lie experienced Project- and Pogramm Management, unique analytical insights and implementable, hands-on solutions which enable our clients to maximise their potential.


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