Driver Seat


Are we masters of our own destiny? How are you holding up, after a week of home office / schooling and cooconing with the family? Highest level of crisis and the end nowhere near in sight. On online social platforms, we witness more self-proclaimed saviors than ever.

Jump start – how to become a successful leadership team


A booming industry provides an encouraging ground for new entrepreneurs - be it through start-ups, spin-offs or management buy-outs. So does the real estate industry. However, not all of these start-up’s and spin-offs become equally successful - despite the fertile environment they incubate in.

Happy brain, learning brain


"I don’t know how to do it and I anyway don't want to write, it's just stupid, why do I have to learn it, when it's so difficult?" The pencil flies across the large round table into a corner of the dining room and Liv protests her little elbows on the dark wooden surface.

Igikai - the hairdryer on the flower bank


Tired but unable to sleep I am swiping on my iphone through some hundreds of pictures from my recent trip to Japan. With the other eye I catch the time in the left upper corner – 4.33 AM. This time the jet lag is hard to handle.

Shine like the children do


„All of us are destined to shine like children do“. These words by Nelson Mandela came to me, shortly after an executive coaching session with a division manager from the finance industry.

Season start


I am having a look at the clock. “Come on honey, we gotta go now, even without your egg. Your ski school is about to start.” Big hassle on the tables, in the big hall, in the basement for skis. “But… I want to eat my egg…” Our daughter, 4 years old, is despairing.

Perspective is everything


At the beginning of their career, most young people would jump at the opportunity of working for a major international player in the fashion industry. There is hardly a company that has developed as rapidly or grown at a comparable pace – a platform for innumerable exciting jobs.

Management Offsite


“We have tried it all” said the Head of Personnel and Communication when I asked her for the different formats of the yearly top management meeting in December.

Festive Reception of Weiss & Cie. Group at Neue Museum in Berlin


Berlin, 13.12.2016. For their annual reception Julia und Ingo Weiss from Weiss & Cie. welcomed approximately 90 guests from the German Real Estate, Media and Consulting industry. The reception was held at Neues Museum on Berlin’s Museum Island, an exclusive venue of which Weiss